Medical operation in Kenya

In January 2014, an SSF team went to Kenya in a village called “Kaimbaga”, in the context of of a medical project in coordination with the Embassy of Kenya in Israel. The team consisted of the president of the association, Mr Arié LEVY, the general practitioner, Doctor Zémer Wang,an ophthalmologist, Mr Benjamin SADIA and of a first-aid worker, Mrs Miryam Akiva-Dahan.

The mission lasted 4 days:

  • 300 tests of view and 305 ophthalmological visits were made
  • 225 people were auscultated and healed by general practitioners
  • 26 people took a first first aid training and successfully passed their exam
  • medicines with a value of 1650 euros were provided
  • 76 children received glasses
  • 2 resuscitation units were given to the local community to be installed in schools

The governor of the region Mr Daniel Waithaka who went on site, expressed his interest for the project and hoped to see it extending in other regions of Kenya