The population of southern Haiti is in dire straits.

The earthquake has claimed over 1,800 lives, thousands are wounded, and tens of thousands are homeless. And today, a tropical storm has hit the island. They are now dreading diseases caused by the lack of potable water.

Our teams of doctors and rescuers have been in Haiti since Sunday with the first aid kits supplied by SSF. They are treating hundreds of people in the Cayes area that was hit hardest by the quake. Thousands of people are wounded, and our rescuers’ supplies are being rapidly depleted…

On their way to Cayes, our teams have seen lone children, lone women who have lost everything, families who are now without shelter, without water, without food…

Our rescuers are begging us to help these people.
Help us send them more supplies and medications to save lives.
We need your help so we can keep acting, helping, treating and rescuing.

We have estimated what we need to pursue our mission:

Covering the costs of one rescuer for 3 days in the field: €150
Feeding one person for a week: €50
Feeding a family with children for a month: €250

To contribute to the emergency fund for Haiti, you can donate here.

We thank you for your support.