Irma: Emergency expedition to Saint Martin

September 12
Hurricane Irma struck a fatal blow on the Caribbean. Unfortunately, Saint Martin paid a heavy price with 95% of the island destroyed.
The “Rescuers Without Borders” organization quickly responded to the situation and organized an expedition well-prepared with rescue equipment and food.
Known for our pragmatic approach, the organization purchased nearly two tons of basic supplies in Pointe-a-Pitre for hurricane victims in Saint Martin. A team of young and motivated volunteers (20 year old in average), ran a fundraising campaign across the island and managed to collect two more tons of groceries!
Expedition was arranged within a short period of time, despite a delay prior to the departure due to another hurricane on the same route, which blocked all air and sea transportation. Luckily, in the end, Hurricane Jose did not hit the island.
Following tremendous efforts, organization’s team in Guadeloupe managed to transport and gather all the collected food at Pointe-a-Pitre port and send it to the island in distress. The team situated in the area collected the first part of the shipment and began distributing food to the residents. At the same time, the port management requested the volunteers to handle the distribution of addition 15 surfaces of basic products.
Fernand, our logistics expert, did not give up, and with the help of his team and a few diligent truck drivers began to distribute products in various locations scattered across the island. In total, about 15 tons of food and supplied were distributed among the residents.
During the first day of the operation in Saint Martin, our delegation provided great assistance to the victims by delivering food and water, providing medical help and particularly, a great emotional support to all those in need. CCI President asked the organization to provide assistance to the residents of the Orleans neighborhood, where a large number of injured and chronically ill patients were found in dire need of medication (patients with diabetes and heart diseases). The severity of the situation was fully revealed before our eyes.
Without wasting a moment, the connections were made to provide the necessary medication to the besieged islanders.
“Rescuers Without Borders” is in the processes of establishing a third team of volunteers, who will operate on the island in the long term, in order to help the residents recover and return to their routine.
“Rescuers Without Border” tales is concerned for their condition, health and future destiny.

Help us succeed in this endeavor:
Special thanks to the “Rescue Without Borders” crew in Guadeloupe, managed by Cindy LaPep, to Fred, Luc and Dominil for doing their work in Saint Martin, Rami and Luick, our logistics and expert and team leader Fernand, and to our two field coordinators, Beatrice and Elodie for their endless devotion to the cause.