Medical Assistance in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is experiencing a major humanitarian crisis. The increase in the number of jihadist attacks, combined with community tensions, has led to significant population displacement within the country. There are now nearly 2 million internally displaced persons, including more than 650,000 in the Central and North Central regions. The health centers are not functioning well, which complicates the medical care of the population. 

Our SSF correspondent in Burkina Faso has sent us a new alert to organize a medical aid mission for the benefit of a displaced and therefore weakened population. The SSF medical team, composed of two doctors and two nurses, went to Bassinko and Boussé, in the central region, to provide medical consultations and free medicines.

They were able to treat 321 people suffering from various pathologies, the most common being malaria, acute malnutrition and behavioral disorders due to stress. They also helped one woman give birth.

We are always attentive to the alerts issued by our local teams, in touch with the reality of the health context of the population in remote areas.

We continue to act for a more united, more humane world.