Medical mission in Ethiopia

SSF-Sauveteurs Sans Frontières has been conducting a large medical operation in Ethiopia for the last few weeks. Dr. Moris Herchtein, ophthalmologist, and 2 doctors specialized in tropical diseases in Africa went to Gondar to carry out consultations, surgical operations and training.

Assisted by 5 logisticians, Dr. Moris Herchtein operated and supervised a local surgical team and 5 nurses. They performed 230 cataract operations over a period of 15 days.

In terms of training, 3 local doctors were able to attend a 30-hour seminar on the latest advances in the treatment of tropical diseases.

Finally, SSF-Sauveteurs Sans Frontières also offered 60 students from the University of Gondar and 20 people from the village of Kola Diba a 22-hour first aid course in order to learn life-saving techniques.

SSF- Sauveteurs Sans Frontières has conducted a new light operation…