Mobile Medical Missions Underway

While 3 million refugees are currently in Poland, and the UNHCR (High Commissioner for Refugees) estimates that there are 8 million internal refugees in the Ukraine, SSF-Sauveteurs Sans Frontière is setting up a mobile clinic to go closer to the refugees and provide them with care.

Ensemble Ukraine, a beautiful association that helps Ukrainians, provides financial support to SSF for these indispensable mobile missions. All together, for a fairer and more human world!

In Poland

The mobile medical unit has been in service for more than a month and consists of a medical bus with 6 beds and an ambulance. It travels throughout Poland to visit dozens of refugee shelters and provides care. The unit has already been to Krakow where our doctors have treated over 600 refugees; to Warsaw (Global Expo) where we have treated 1500 refugees. In the Rzeszow region, we have provided care in 6 emergency shelters to 400 refugees; while in Remar, we have treated 200 refugees.

In Ukraine

The many refugees in the Ukraine are often in remote areas where access to healthcare is problematic. SSF has established a mobile medical unit to travel to these refugees and provide care and medication.

The SSF team consists of a doctor, an emergency doctor, a nurse and a specialist in post-traumatic stress disorder. They started their mission by going to the Stryï orphanage. There, about 40 children between 6 and 14 years old were examined and treated. The children had “ordinary” illnesses such as angina or bronchitis, but also suffered from post-traumatic stress disorders. Many of the children are disabled. In a building near the orphanage, our team also examined refugees, including many elderly people in need of help.

Subsequently, and for the past month, our teams have moved to Lviv, Skole, Stryi, Jydachiv, Banya-Lysovyts’ka, Nyzhnya Stynava, Verkhnya Stynava, Vulytsya Vynnychenka and Morchyn. There they conducted extensive examinations and saw an average of 100 people per day. To date, they have treated more than 2700 people.