SSF visits Mali : the NGO amps up its activities in the area

SSF is pursuing its humanitarian efforts in Mali. SSF has been active in Mali since 2012 through its local representatives and with a very dedicated medical team. 8,000+ people have been treated as part of dozens of prevention, consultation and treatment programs. SSF is committed to helping the local people, not only with their health needs, but in other areas as well. A children facility was thus opened in 2015.

Arié Lévy, SSF’s President, has visited that education center located in Ouolodo County. The facility is running smoothly and it is used by all the villages in the vicinity, as it has become SSF’s hub for its educational, social and medical activities to help the children and the adults in that particular area.  

Ouolodo Education Center, Mali, June 2018

A huge consult was set up when Dr Levy visited the village where the facility is located, and the doctors were able to see and treat over 350 people. Medications were also delivered.

Medical Consult, June 2018, Mali

The region has a dire need for first aid. SSF is committed to delivering medical supplies packed in first aid kits especially designed for emergency medical situations; most kits include a defibrillator. 20 first aid kits were distributed to 12 doctors and 8 nurses during a very nice ceremony in Mali. We hope this equipment will save lives!

Burkina Faso receives first aid kits

Malian doctors receive first aid kits, June 2018

SSF’s Burkina Faso team was there too, and they received 15 first aid kits to help them handle emergency situations in their home country. SSF was greatly honored by the presence of delegates from the Burkinabé embassy at the distribution event.

SSF is aware of the needs in first responder skills in that particular area, and it is prepared to step up its help through advanced training courses for their medical teams.

SSF also made a startling discovery while in the field: ambulance drivers usually head for emergencies on their own, and they have no EMT training: they’re just drivers! SSF wants to train them, and we’re up to the challenge.

All these actions have but one goal: save more lives.