Supplementary Training and Services for Emergency Responders

The Israeli government, through the services of MADA, certifies medical volunteers with the technical training they need to save lives. To perform at such a high level of intensity, our Rescuers Without Borders need to constantly be on their feet. This is not just about first aid. This is about saving lives. In real time….under real threats. Some of our emergency responders operate under fire in the field and risk their lives to save others. It is a stressful endeavor.

The importance of their work requires extensive mental and technical training. This means continuous refresher courses and staying up to date with advancing technology. In the business of saving lives, results matter. And in order to see the best results, our Rescuers need to receive the best training.

Our supplementary training includes Advanced Trauma Training with the state of the art Mobile Medical Simulation Unit. This course simulates the real life stresses of emergency situations, providing our emergency responders with psychological training in addition to the technical skills they need to save lives.

We also provide supplementary courses for our Rescuers and members of their communities. For our rescuers, this includes ambulance driving course and paramedic course. For civilians, we provide basic first aid courses as well as basic medical emergency courses for mothers with young children.

Technical training aside, one of the most important services we provide for our medics is our support outside of the field. The work of our Rescuers can be emotionally and mentally tolling. We provide our medics with psychological support and periodic meetings with psychologists. We also believe in the importance of supporting the families of our Rescuers and f needed, this can include welfare services.

Our attitude is very simple. They support us….We support them.