We Will Save Again

SSF – Sauveteurs Sans Frontières launches the “We Will Save Again” program, to provide first-aid kits in memory of the 366 victims of the Nova Festival, murdered on October 7.

For many years, and especially since October 7, 2023, hundreds of SSF-equipped first-aiders in Israel have been in all areas of the country to stabilize the wounded in times of need.

Unlike the sowers of death, SSF-Sauveteurs Sans Frontières mobilizes to save lives, thanks to its army of volunteer first-aiders.

The massacre of 366 young women and men perpetrated by Hamas during the Nova Festival obliges us. In one way or another, all these murdered people must live on in our memories.

With the families of the victims, we have come up with a project that is both useful and highly symbolic. In memory of all the victims, we want to supply 366 first-aid kits to our Israeli rescue workers who are waiting to be equipped. Each first-aid kit will bear the name of a victim, and at the family’s request, his or her photo.

Our response to terrorism is to save lives.

Through these first-aid kits, tools for treating and saving other lives, these rescuers will transmit fundamental values: the sacredness of life and love for one’s fellow man.

Through the actions of these first-aiders, we will all honor the memory of the Festival Nova victims.

Thank you to the sponsors of this program who surround us with their benevolence.

ASI Keren Or, Fonds de Dotation Frédéric Younès, Women United For Peace, Fondation Tikun Olam, and the collective of families of Nova victims (Les Enfants de Lumière).

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“Who saves a life, saves humanity”.