Everything began for SSF in Israel where the security situation requires to have experienced first-aid workers on the ground. These volunteer first-aid workers are always ready to act, help and save others as soon as the alert resounds. It is quite naturally that this ground experience led SSF to lead rescue actions in numerous countries. The principle is still the same: as soon as a natural disaster situation appears, SSF’s best team of rescuers are sent on the groud within a very short time limit.
They permanently have stocks of material ready to leave with them. Their specificity: be light in order to to leave within a very short space of time, with the basic medical equipment. This allows them to arrive on the scene of disasters before the arrival of big international NGO. On these missions, SSF is also interested in populations which often live isolated zones harder to access for the first aids.

Since the beginning of SSF’s activity, its first-aid workers and doctors intervened in the following countries: Sri Lanka, Burma, Haiti, Turkey, Thailand, Israel, the Philippines, Mali, Nepal, Iraqi Kurdistan Ecuador.