4 months into the war, close to 3 million Ukrainian refugees are living in Poland; they are staying with locals or in shelters. The UNHCR says 6 million more may still be in the Ukraine proper.

To address this new challenge, SSF has set up a new program: a mobile clinic that can go where the refugees are.

In Poland

SSF’s mobile clinic has been operating for several weeks now. The mobile clinic consists of a medical bus with 6 beds and an ambulance. SSF’s mobile clinic is traveling all over Poland to treat refugees in dozens of shelters. As an example, the unit was recently near the Rzeszow shelter and outside Warsaw to try to give medical care to people in need.

In the Ukraine

Many Ukrainians are refugees in their own country, and many are in remote areas where  medical care is scarce at best. SSF has put together another mobile clinic that travels to where these refugees are with medical professionals and medications.

SSF’s team consists of a doctor, an ER doctor, a nurse and a PTSD expert. They have seen 40 children,  age 6 to 14, at Stryï orphanage. The children had garden variety diseases like strep throat or bronchitis, but they also suffered from PTSD. Many children are disabled. SSF’s team used a building nearby to treat the refugees, including many older people who needed help.

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What follows is a summary of SSF’s 4 months of action in the field, in Poland and in the Ukraine.

Since the very beginning of the war, or February 27, 2022, SSF has been in Medyka, a Polish border town, to help actively the victims of the war in Ukraine with medical care, an emergency shelter, shipments of medications into the Ukraine, food and supplies for 6 refugee shelters in Ukraine, and medical evacuations of older and/or sick people out of the Ukraine.

Medical care in the border town of Medyka, Poland

SSF has set up 2 First Aid stations that operate around the clock.  11,000+ people have been treated in these stations by a team of 8 doctors, nurses, EMTs and logisticians working in shifts. The First Aid tents are also used as a pharmacy so we can give the patients the medications they need.

Emergency shelter in Medyka

SSF has set up a large tent that can house up to 150 refugees; it has cots and a play area for the children. This tent was for women and children only, and it was like a bubble of peace amid the chaos. 11,600 refugees have used the tent to eat and rest during the 3 months it was up.  SSF also distributed warm clothing for the children in this tent.

Shipments of medications into the Ukraine

Thanks to donations, both as money and in kind, from all over Europe, 110 tons of medications and medical/surgical equipment have been delivered inside the Ukraine. They were delivered to 10 Ukrainian hospitals, to civilian and military medical units, and to an orphanage.

The following facilities have benefited from our shipments:

Military medical units

Battalion 5810 in Nikolaev

Battalion 48 in Nikolaev

Brigade 25 in Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyï

Brigade 18154 in Biliaïvka

Kharkiv Brigade

Battalion 1546 in Balakliya 

Battalion 69 in Havrylivka


Tetiev hospital in Kiev

Red Windows hospital in Odessa

Children’s clinical hospital in Lviv

District municipal hospital in Vilnyask

Vugledar hospital

Jytomyr hospital

CyberKnife Center of Kapitanivka, Kiev oblast
Zaporijie regional hospital

Mechnikov hospital in Dnipro

Military field hospital in Zaporijie area


Vilnyask orphanage 

 Special Operation in Mariupol

Shipment of medications for Mariupol refugees

Refugee shelters in the Ukraine

SSF set up refugee shelters in 6 Ukrainian cities: Zaporijia, Mikolaïv, Biliaïvka, Odessa, Kherson and Luhansk. We kept them supplied with food, clothes, medical care and psychological support. 60 refugees used to live and sleep in these shelters, and dozens more were stopping by to eat, seek medical care, take a shower and pick up a change of clothes. The local population was in a state of panic, so SSF arranged for a Ukrainian therapist to visit the shelters on a regular basis to supply support and medications. 

Medical evacuations out of the Ukraine

SSF has arranged the medical evacuation of 100 women with infants or in labor, and of 23 elderly, sick or disabled people.

The war is far from over…

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