Technology to rescue rescuers

SSF inaugurated in September 2016 an innovative and unique concept: an ambulance made to simulate emergency situations in order for our rescuers to practice emergency medicine. It offers the civilian rescuers and military the opportunity to improve by allowing them to train in a realistic environment (terrorist attacks, road accident,…).
The ambulance contains 5 humanoid robots (two men, a woman, a child and à baby).
Those robots are faithful to the human anatomy, physiological reactions and simulate the human respiratory and circulatory systems. It gives our rescuers theopportunity to practice for any type of injury they can face during natural disasters or of accidents (bleedings, broken members, wounds, important burns, amputation of a leg)
This ambulance also contains first aids medical equipment, a defibrillator with improved automatic mode, rescue and reanimation equipment, and exercise equipment for 6 people.
This mobile unit is a real place of learning of the emergency medicine as the trainees have a feedback on the gestures they are making on the victim. A system of video recording with multi-camera enables them to record the complete exercise.
An other camera on a drone allows to have an aerial view of the intervention zone.
The novelty of this system lies also in its sound system: speakers located on the ambulance broadcast post-attack or post-accident sounds (noise, sirens, howling, horns). By recreating a realistic and often violent environment, we give the trainees the opportunity to practice mastering fears and stress in order to be able to intervene in an effective way.
This concept was introduced by SSF, realized in association with the medical service
of Tsahal, and was supported financially by the Foundation Adelis.